Alex Russell is a designer and graphic artist.
Alex creates beautiful, innovative pattern designs and artworks for an extensive range of uses including interiors, home, fashion, lifestyle and giftware. He has built an international client list over more than 25 years of professional experience; his work is featured widely in books and magazines about pattern and print.
Alex balances highly refined design and drawing skills with a profound understanding of the possibilities of digital technology, often using coding and generative systems. He can design single images or repeating (all-over/tiling) patterns. His ApeiroPattern work features pattern that never repeats on an infinite scale.
He has also worked extensively as a lecturer. His 2011 book “The Fundamentals of Printed Textile Design” has been translated into French and Spanish; a completely new edition will be published by Bloomsbury in December 2021.
The studio is based in Manchester (UK).

Alex is currently working on a major update of this site. For more details of current activity, follow him on Instagram.