Alex Russell creates generative art and pattern design. Hello!
Alex is a creative coder, making ApeiroPattern: unique, original generative art and prints. Endlich Nach Zahn, the latest ApeiroPattern collection, is coming very soon. He is also a pattern designer, creating printed textiles, wallpaper, fashion graphics and all other sorts of surface pattern. The second edition of his book “The Fundamentals of Printed Textiles Design” has just been published.
You can buy his artwork from the shop, or contact Alex to commission work from him.

Shop: new prints launch soon

The first collection of unique, original ApeiroPattern art prints, A Scheme Not Of This World, is now available to buy. Three are featured below, plus a development image from new collection Endlich Nach Zahn, which will be available very soon. Read about it here.
Two more new collections will follow early in 2022.

Genuary prototype that lead to EndlichNachZahn by Alex Russell
Endlich Nach Zahn development
ApeiroPattern generative art print A Scheme Not Of This World 201128 015 by Alex Russell (full image)
A Scheme Not Of This World 201128 015
ApeiroPattern generative art print A Scheme Not Of This World 201129 005 by Alex Russell (full image)
A Scheme Not Of This World 201129 005
ApeiroPattern generative art print A Scheme Not Of This World 201130 003 by Alex Russell (full image)
A Scheme Not Of This World 201130 003

Generative art, pattern design and other updates

The all-new edition of “The Fundamentals of Printed Textiles Design” is out now, published by Bloomsbury. It’s an introduction to contemporary printed textile design aimed at degree-level students, and of interest to anyone who wants to find out more about printed textiles and surface pattern design. You can order it here, from your local bookshop or any of the big/online sellers. There’s News about the book here and more info here. You can preview some of the page via the links to the right/below or here.

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Development output of one of the code blocks from EndlichNachZahn by Alex Russell
EndlichNachZahn: block 6 of the code

Endlich Nach Zahn

The new ApeiroPattern collection, Endlich Nach Zahn, is in the final stages of production. It’s Alex’s love letter to pencil and paper.
A range of unique, one-off prints will be in the shop soon. You can read about the development process here.

Pattern and print design GenTulp (aram0913) by Alex Russell

Pattern and print design

Alex creates artwork for an extensive range of uses including home/interiors, contract, fashion, stationery and giftware. Over nearly 30 years of professional experience, he has built an international client list. Learn more on the Pattern/print page or view his pattern and print portfolio.


If you want to discover what Alex is working on, bob over to the News page. It’s where he shares his latest projects and plans, with updates and posts in a sort-of-blog. Keep up-to-date by following him on Instagram or Facebook. From time to time, he posts longer articles on LinkedIn.

Alex Russell's Instagram posts
Instagram: @alexrusselldesign


ApeiroPattern is Alex’s method of creating generative art. He uses code (computer programming) to assemble libraries of his images into artworks. His code combines two types of algorithm. Firstly, modelling composition methods (from art and design). Secondly, complex systems theory (from science and maths).

ApeiroPattern generative art Genuary 2021 Day 26 by Alex Russell (full image)
ApeiroPattern development
ApeiroPattern generative art print A Scheme Not Of This World 201209 004 by Alex Russell (full image)
A Scheme Not Of This World 201209 004

A Scheme Not Of This World

A Scheme Not Of This World is the first collection of generative artworks created by Alex’s ApeiroPattern system. The visual inspiration for the collection comes from the abstract patterns within cartography or landscapes. The code assembles hand-made rectangles, stripes and textures into complex images. Available in the shop.

ApeiroPattern generative art Genuary 2021 Day 31 Sym 03 by Alex Russell (full image)
Genuary 2021 Day 31 Sym 03

Genuary 2021

During January 2021, Alex took part in Genuary. Described by its co-ordinators as “build[ing] code that makes beautiful things”, the participants were invited to use a daily prompt to code some generative art and then post it on Instagram using the tag #genuary2021.
You can see a selection of the work Alex created here, or read his article on LinkedIn.

Portfolio, information and other projects

Use the links below to see Alex’s portfolio and find out more about his background. You can also read about his writing and work in education.

Portfolio and projects

To see a wide range of examples of Alex’s work, head over to the portfolio and projects page. View his current surface pattern, printed textiles and fashion graphics folio, the work he made for Genuary 2021 and other art and design projects.

Pattern and print design LambicCubes by Alex Russell

About and bio

Find out about Alex’s background on the About page. You’ll find a statement about his practice, an overview of his clients and shows, as well as a brief into to his academic work and writing.
Oh, and some lists.
Alex likes lists.

Pattern and print design AfterZahn by Alex Russell
Tricotype generative interview with Sam Meech and Jonathan Hitchen by Alex Russell
Tricotype Generative Interview

Books and writing

As well as The Fundamentals Of Printed Textile Design, Alex does a fair bit of writing. Discover more about some of his text-based projects on the books and writing page, plus examples of his design work that have featured in books, magazines and other media.

Cover slide for talk at the Fashion and Textile Museum, London (UK), by Alex Russell
Fashion and Textile Museum, London

Education and lecturing

Alex has over 20 years educational experience as a lecturer and programme leader. He regularly gives talks and lectures at a wide range of universities, colleges, galleries and other institutions (including webinars). Learn more on the educational work and guest lecturing page.

Contacts, CV, FAQs

If you want to get in touch with Alex, all his details are on the Contacts page. You can find out more about his experience and skill-set by reading his CV. There’s a list of answers to (genuine) questions that people have asked him on the FAQs page. This is a good place for students to head for.

Pattern and print design SkullMottos (aram 1256) by Alex Russell


Finally, Alex does a cartoon thing called Halfdropped that lives in it’s own world. By world, he means website (with accompanying very small shop).
Halfdropped is mainly funny ha-ha, sometimes funny peculiar.

Halfdropped cartoon by Alex Russell
Halfdropped cartoon