A Scheme Not Of This World (Prints)

A Scheme Not Of This World is a collection of generative artworks. Each artwork is a one-off, original art print.

Alex Russell creates A Scheme Not Of This World prints using a process called ApeiroPattern. Two parts are involved. Firstly, there is a computer programme (code). Secondly, there is a library of scans of hand-made images.

The code models a range of methods used by designers and artists. Alex starts by creating algorithms. The algorithms reproduce some of the rules used to put together the content of an image. For example, A Scheme Not Of This World uses a couple of textile designers’ pattern-making methods. Alex then builds the code, using the algorithms as a base.

As well as writing the code, he creates a large library of images. For A Scheme Not Of This World, Alex was inspired by maps and aerial photography. To begin with, he hand-painted and collaged hundreds of small images. Each one is a simple area of colour and texture, often featuring a stripe pattern. Taking the concept of variations from music, Alex played with the theme of stripes in the landscape to create the content for the final artworks.

The code and the library now come together. The code combines images from the library, with the algorithms controlling the arrangement. Every run of code creates a unique ApeiroPattern.

The prints are archival quality, professionally giclée printed in the UK using Canon imagePROGRAF printers and 12 colour LUCIA ink. The paper is acid-free Hahnemühle 310gsm Photo Rag. Once printed, Alex Russell hand-signs each one.

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