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This is Alex Russell’s portfolio and projects page, with links to extensive examples of his work. If you know what you want to look at, use these links to jump straight there:
Genuary 2021Pattern and print portfolio
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Genuary 2021

In January 2021, Alex Russell took part in Genuary 2021. You can see examples of the work Alex made everyday here.

When he posted, Alex also wrote a bit about the process of making the work. Next to each of the examples in the portfolio is the text from that day’s post.

Described by its co-ordinators as “build[ing] code that makes beautiful things”, all the Genuary participants were invited to use a daily prompt to code some generative art and then post it on Instagram. More details here.

At the end of the month, Alex wrote an article on LinkedIn about the project, which you can read via this link. He also took part in an online show at Symbiocene Gallery, curated by Tristian Sauer. Both feature new runs of code especially for each.

Unique runs of Alex’s code are available to buy – drop him a line if anything catches your eye. If you’d like to read more about Alex’s creative coding, visit the ApeiroPattern page.

ApeiroPattern generative art Genuary 2021 Days 06, 19, 25 and 27 by Alex Russell
Genuary 2021 Days 06, 19, 25 and 27

LambicChapeau, SkullMottos, WaveStripe and BlumenHalfTone pattern and print designs by Alex Russell
LambicChapeau, SkullMottos, WaveStripe and BlumenHalfTone

Pattern and print portfolio

Alex Russell’s print and pattern portfolio is available to view here. He creates pattern designs and artworks for an extensive range of uses including home/interiors, contract, fashion, stationery and giftware. He has built an international client list over nearly 30 years of professional experience. Alex’s work is widely featured in books and magazines about pattern and print.

He balances highly refined design and drawing skills with a profound understanding of the possibilities of digital technology. He can work with any type of visual content. This includes florals, geometrics, abstracts and conversationals. His coding ability and long-standing use of generative systems provide a genuinely unique ability to create beautiful and innovative designs/artwork.

Alex offers a variety of print and pattern services. To find out more about commissioning work, get in touch.