Links/social media

Here’s a list of useful links and social media beyond this site.

Alex Russell’s social media

Instagram: Alex frequently posts on Instagram and it’s probably the best way to stay updated with what he’s up to on a regular basis. Follow him @alexrusselldesign
Facebook: Alex’s Facebook page carries most of the same updates as Instagram, plus a range of additional info about his work, including his portfolio. . Follow him @alexrusselldesign
LinkedIn: for info about the business and career-oriented sides to Alex, head over to his LinkedIn page. He also writes occasional articles.
YouTube: sometimes, Alex tinkers with ApeiroPattern generative art as moving images or animations. You can see a few examples on his YouTube channel.

ApeiroPattern and generative art

Examples of the work Alex created for Genuary 2021 are on show at the Symbiocene online gallery.

The Fundamentals of Printed Textile Design

The new edition of Alex’s book on printed textiles and surface pattern is published by Bloomsbury in October 2021. You can pre-order direct from Bloomsbury, or at Waterstones, Foyles or Amazon.
The first edition is still available from Bloomsbury, or via Amazon or Barnes and Noble.
An interview Alex did for the first edition is here.

Academic writing

You can download some of Alex’s research papers and other academic writing via these links:
Repeatless: innovating print and pattern design with generative systems. Links: the abstract, the paper (as a PDF).
Repeatless: transforming surface pattern with generative design. Links: the abstract, the paper (as a PDF). Also here.
Repeatless: combining science, technology and design to re-think print and pattern for the future. Links: the abstract, the paper (as a PDF).
Repeatless: the use of digital technology to extend the possibilities of printed textile design. Links: the abstract, the paper (as a PDF).

Other links and social media

Alex also does cartoons occasionally, under the monkier of Halfdropped. There’s a little shop here.
He also plays keyboards in The Shops.