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Genuary 2021 part 2: days 12 to 22

Days 12 to 16

Another set of runs where each day’s code was added to the previous days programme. During this chunk of Genuary 2021, I added a few new ideas.

Firstly, I’d wanted to experiment with using colour palettes created generatively. The system began by using musical data to define the colours. It then evolved into a method of using the colour theory of triads.

Secondly, I made repeatable patterns. Generally, my generative art actively avoids getting designs to repeat, but I wanted to try making some ones that were tile-able. The design here (from Day 16) is a block repeat.

Finally, I wanted to play with the illusion of depth by blurring different layers. The goal here was to attempt to recreate a photographic depth-of-field effect.

Use an API. Do not repeat. Subdivision. Let someone else decide the general rules of your piece. Circles only.

ApeiroPattern generative art Genuary 2021 Day 16 Run 02 by Alex Russell (full image)
Genuary 2021 Day 16 Run 02
ApeiroPattern generative art Genuary 2021 Day 19 Run 02 by Alex Russell (full image)
Genuary 2021 Day 19 Run 02

Days 17 to 19

The next few days coding tested out a couple of things I’d wanted to try for a while. To begin with, three dimensional cellular automata. I’ve used a lot of 2D CAs before, but was looking for an excuse to take them a bit further.

Secondly, I wanted to work with imagery that had a definite retro feel. In this case, I was after a mid-century modern feel. In particular, inspiration came from the wonderful design work of Lucienne Day.

Draw a line, pick a new colour, move a bit. One process grows, another process prunes. Increase the randomness along the y-axis.

Days 20 to 22

Further development of the MidMod (mid-century modern) idea. In addition, the generative systems over these three days starts to use recursive functions. This was probably the hardest patch of the month for me, coding-wise. I’m still not completely sure how one bit of it works…

The outputs also show further refinement of the colour palette development from days 12 to 16 above.

No loops. A recursive function involving 1/4, 2/4 and 3/4 of x. Draw a line; wrong answers only.

For more examples of my Genuary outputs, as well as a day-by-day account of what I did, head over to the Genuary 2021 portfolio.

ApeiroPattern generative art Genuary 2021 Day 22 Run 02 by Alex Russell (full image)
Genuary 2021 Day 22 Run 02

Posted by Alex Russell on 22 January 2021