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Genuary 2021 part 3: days 23 to 31

Days 23 to 27

The last few days of Genuary 2021… Following a day building on earlier and the another trying trying something new, I began work on an idea that I’d been sitting on for a while. Overall, I wanted to create generative art that explored ideas about the relationship between the future and the past. In particular, I’m interested in blurring this boundary. The music of Boards of Canada and the writings of Mark Fisher are big inspirations here.

For the most part, the image library is much more photographic now. I’ve played with the colours of the photos to make them look like memories. (Or rather, how photos can look like memories.)

#264653 #2a9d8f #e9c46a #f4a261 #e76f51, no gradients. 500 lines. Make a grid of all the permutations of something. 2D perspective. Gradients without lines.

ApeiroPattern generative art Genuary 2021 Day 27 Run 02 by Alex Russell (full image)
Genuary 2021 Day 27 Run 02
ApeiroPattern generative art Genuary 2021 Day 30 Run 02 by Alex Russell (full image)
Genuary 2021 Day 30 Run 02

Days 28 to 30

Having made photos look old, I subsequently wanted to make them look like something from the future. To do this, I used data-bending. Audacity (a fantastic, free sound editor) allows any sort of data to be edited as if it was sound. For instance, elements of the images in the output shown here (from day 30) have had reverb and echo effects applied to them.

Use sound. Any shape, none can touch. Replicate a natural concept (for example: gravity, flocking, path following).

Day 31

I’m a big fan of Oblique Strategies, which meant today’s prompt was a real bonus for the last day. In addition, the code developed the Droste effect that I’d started with on Day 30. This, coupled with “towards the insignificant” (the card I got from the Oblique Strategies), gives Day 31’s outcome (shown here)

A side effect of code is that the colour veers towards just blue and cream. Furthermore (and equally unintentionally), this gives a chrome effect that looks vaguely like a vision of the future from the past.

One of Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt’s “Oblique Strategies”.

For more examples of my Genuary outputs, as well as a day-by-day account of what I did, head over to the Genuary 2021 portfolio. I’ve also written a longer piece on LinkedIn about the positive effect Genuary had on my practice.

ApeiroPattern generative art Genuary 2021 Day 31 Run 02 by Alex Russell (full image)
Genuary 2021 Day 31 Run 02

Posted by Alex Russell on 01 February 2021