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Genuary 2021 part 1: days 1 to 11

Days 1 to 6

Genuary 2021 is an online challenge, where coders “build code that makes beautiful things“. To start, I worked on some ideas for a new ApeiroPattern collection, currently called AfterZahn. I drew almost everything with pencil, although there are some painted and collaged sections as well.

Generally, colour features prominently in my work. This is a fairly unusual foray into greyscale. I’m keen for the outputs to look hand-drawn, so keeping everything black and white helps the artwork retain the qualities of the pencil. By and large, making generative art that doesn’t look generative is an ongoing interest.

For the first six days of Genuary 2021, I added each day’s code to the previous days. Consequently, Day 6 (shown here) combines Days 1 to 6.

Triple Nested Loop. Steven Wolfram’s Rule 30 elementary cellular automata. Make something human. Small areas of symmetry. Do some code golf. Triangle subdivision.

ApeiroPattern generative art Genuary 2021 Day 06 Run 02 by Alex Russell (full image)
Genuary 2021 Day 06 Run 02
ApeiroPattern generative art Genuary 2021 Day 10 Run 02 by Alex Russell (full image)
Genuary 2021 Day 10 Run 02

Days 7 to 10

Day 7 began a new combination of code than ran until day 10 (shown here). This time, I began with some drawn and collaged work, made in a sketchbook. This brings a bit of colour in for the first time. Then, I made some dragon curves out of paper and photographed them. Code overlays these elements over the collages. Following this, pencil-drawn lines are arranged over the top. Finally, I applied shaded pencil trees to the last layer.

Generate some rules, then follow them by hand on paper. Curve only. Interference patterns. Tree.

Day 11

I recreated the very first generative artwork I made (I think). First, I randomly dropped a black circle, square and triangle onto white paper. Then I dropped right-angle of white paper, before placing a second right-angle to create frame. Finally, the photograph is digitally edited to just black and white.

Use something other than a computer as an autonomous process (or use a non-computer random source).

For more examples of my Genuary outputs, as well as a day-by-day account of what I did, head over to the Genuary 2021 portfolio.

ApeiroPattern generative art Genuary 2021 Day 11 Run 02 by Alex Russell (full image)
Genuary 2021 Day 11 Run 02

Posted by Alex Russell on 13 January 2021