Educational work/guest lecturing

Alex Russell has extensive experience in educational work and guest lecturing. He welcomes opportunities to work with universities, colleges, galleries and other institutions.

Alex was a lecturer and programme leader for over 20 years. He still regularly gives talks, lectures and webinars. If you’d like Alex to deliver present some educational content, he’d be happy to hear from you. Overall, the content of Alex’s educational work and guest lecturing falls into three categories. However, he has a very broad range of experience and will gladly discuss other approaches.

Firstly, Alex gives presentations and talks on his own practice. For example, this could be a broad overview of his creative work. He’s happy to put the emphasis on pattern and print or creative coding. Likewise, it could focus on a particular aspect behind his work, such as the relationship between digital and hand-made media or the use of scientific concepts.

Secondly, he can deliver content about printed textiles, surface pattern and related fields. To give some specific examples, on one hand this can be about technical aspects such as designing in repeat or colour-use for different types of printing. On the other hand, it can be career-related, examining the practicalities of building a portfolio or being a freelance designer. Alex has huge experience in this area (and has written a book on it).

Thirdly, Alex can provide talks and other content about the creative process. This can be for almost any field of art and design. For instance, he has given lectures on developing ideas, designing for the future and creating generative art and design.

While the bulk of Alex’s educational work and guest lecturing has been to BA and MA students, he’s open to working with other audiences as well.

Four stages in putting the Lambic Chapeau design into repeat as an example of educational work and guest lecturing by Alex Russell
Four stages in putting the Lambic Chapeau design into repeat
Developing design ideas for the future as an example of educational work and guest lecturing by Alex Russell
Developing design ideas: the Haunted Future trend

Consultancy, external review/examination and programme development

As well as the educational work and guest lecturing outlined above, Alex has a range of other abilities and experience in the HE sector. For example, he has worked as an External Examiner, moderating BA assessment. Alex has also been an External Reviewer, revalidating BA programmes. He has also developed new courses at BA and MA levels.

Please contact Alex if you would like to discuss this type of work. He is particularly interested in the development of Creative Coding programmes. Alex is also available for HE consultancy work.


Alex was a Senior Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University from 2007 to 2018. His roles included Pathway Leader for MA Design Fashion and Textiles routes, Programme Leader for BA Textiles for Fashion and Senior Lecturer on BA Textiles in Practice. His academic research was presented internationally and submitted for the REF.
Alex worked as a Senior Lecturer at Nottingham Trent University from 1994 to 2001 on BA Textile Design.

He’s also delivered content to Auckland University of Technology (NZ), Fashion and Textiles Museum (London, UK), Huddersfield University (UK), Leeds Arts University (UK), Manchester University (UK), Salford University (UK), Sheffield City Museum (UK), Stockport College (UK) and University of Central Lancashire (UK).

Finally, Alex also writes educational books and other texts. Read more about them here.