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Links: a list of recommended websites: professional, inspirational, useful and time-wasting

Listed below are Alex Russell Creative Services’ recommendations for places to point your browser at. If any of them don’t work any more, let me know. There are a few bits of free download stuff at the end.

Trumpet blowing
Sites that feature my work, list my services or that I’m connected in some way connected to.
Amsterstampa - textile design agency that carries a big, regularly-updated folio of my work. Also the team that creates the Stack Stack trend book.
Indigo - twice yearly fashion textile trade fair in Paris, generally with lots of my work on the Amsterstampa stand.
Manuva - limited edition prints. May feature stuff I've had a hand in.
Stereohype - graphic art and fashion boutique. (I was a runner-up in their 2005 badge competition, and got an honourable mention in 2006.)
Laurence King - publishers of “Pattern” by Drusilla Cole, designed by Fl@33, a book of contemporary pattern that features some of my work, available from Amazon.
The Directory of Design Consultants - good listing site for people in the creative industries.

Ooo, that looks good
Consistently inspiring or visually interesting sites.
Antoine and Manuel - French graphic artists; dab hands at doing wallpaper.
Barton, Jody - funny, potty-mouthed illustration.
Callesen, Peter - perfect paper sculptures.
Clarke, David Michael - artist who claims to be less intelligent than a dolphin (also here).
Delaere, Koen - painter who also produces textile designs for Amsterstampa (site in Dutch).
Faassen, Paul - very clever, very funny Dutch illustrator (site mostly in Dutch - “tekeningen” means drawing, “vragen” means questions).
Heidanus, Jacqueline - printed textile designer, also working with the Amsterstampa agency.
McKinley, Guy - illustrations of hip-hop monkey DJs and dreamy geishas.
Neasden Control Centre - how to turn sketchbooks into a proper business.
Reas, C.E.B. - creates programmes to make beautiful generative art.
Recife, Eduardo - mixed media (with lots of drawing) illustrator and typographer.
Rule, David - photographs, texts and graphics. Always interesting - also here.
Ryan, Jay - graphic artist and poster maker (lots of great gig adverts).
Sweet - creative agency with stunning personal work.
Sweet Cerise - hand-printed tee-shirts and tops.
Tjader, Ella - makes lovely illustrations. Also here.
Wales, Holly - illustrations, images and some 3D work, all with individual hand drawn quality.

Don’t just do it for a couple of months then stop
Blogs that are actually good.
Decor8 - interior design blog, with good angle on decoration and pattern. Have been very nice about me (14th August, near the bottom).
Flip Flop Flying - endearing, cynical-yet-innocent images, music and rambling from Mr. Minipops.
Indexed - what’s that you say? Entertaining mathematical diagrams?
Lena Corwin - good all-round decorative arts blog.
Print and Pattern - excellent diary of, er, print and pattern. Strongly recommended.
Sites with useful information or services.
A List Apart - good info and tips for building web sites (largely ignored by this one).
Computer Darkroom - if you use Photoshop© and Epson© printers, this site has heaps of helpful info.
Digital Photography Review - the forums are very good for any camera, scanner or printer questions.
Designer-Info - reviews of design software.
HTML Goodies - basic, thorough tutorials on how to get started with web sites.

Local shop
East Midlands based companies or contacts.
Designer Forum - Nottingham based resource centre for fashion / textiles; excellent trend / prediction library and shop.
Jar Media - Offering creative services across a wide range of digital and print media. Services include interactive design, accessible website design, hosting, brand development.
Midlands Textile Forum - network of people who are in the middle bit of the “live / work in the middle of England” and “do stuff with fabric” Venn diagram.
Shout Out - East Midlands directory of "creative types".

Friday afternoon
Sites worth wasting some time on.
Boids - it’s quite possible that my Desert Island Discs luxury would be a murmuration (oh, yes) of starlings to flit about on a regular basis (like in that lager advert). This is a computer simulation (needs a Java plug-in).
The Fall - a list of everyone who’s ever been in the band. We make our own fun round here.
Hunkin, Tim - enlightening illustrations and all manner of contraptions.
Lunn, Wilf - genius inventor of eccentric gadgetry you may remember from 70's UK kids TV.
McSweeneys - the lists are especially recommended.

Cheerful little earfuls
Music and labels somewhat, er, off the beaten track.
Bogshed - absolutely no irony in this recommendation. Also here.
The Books - clever. Also good.
FortDax - no longer working under this moniker; still, perfectly formed electronica. Lots to download for free.
Mogwai - best band on the planet?
Monotonic - free electronic and experimental sounds.
Ochre - complex, rich electronica.
Outputmessage - electronica of a beautiful and lush nature.
The Pernice Brothers - best singer / songwriter on the planet?
Secede - magically wonderful ambient-ish electronica on the never-put-a-foot-wrong Sending Orbs label.
The Sound Lab - weekly electronic / experiment / odd stream-able radio show from Australia.
Sutemos - Lithuanian net label with the freely downloadable and profoundly excellent Intelligent Toys compilations.
WFMU - if you miss John Peel, this might help. (Inflatable Squirrel Carcass is a hot studio fav.)

Please don’t be offended if you ask me to link to your site and I don’t.
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