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General information

The questions below cover some of the most common enquiries I have from prospective clients. You can also download a variety of information in PDF format.

If you can’t find what you want here or elsewhere on the site, contact me for a quick answer.

You can download the following PDFs:
FAQs - all the questions on this page
CV / Résumé - detailed curriculum vitae
Brochures for the Fashion and Furnishing / Interiors services will shortly be available too.
Student / New Designer fact sheet - extensive list of questions and answers commonly asked by students

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What is Alex Russell Creative Services?
It is a freelance design studio, providing a wide range of textile design, surface pattern and illustration services. Current clients are mainly within the fashion (apparel), interiors (furnishing / home / lifestyle), editorial and trend forecasting areas, but commissions and orders are very welcome from any source.

Who has Alex Russell Creative Services worked with / for?
Selected client list: Alexander Henry, Almedahls, Bertoni, Bjorn Borg, C and A / Clockhouse, Carven, Clerici Tessuto, Eco Tapeter, Etam, European Library, H and M, Iceman, Jeva, JC, Juvita, Kendix, Lee, Lego, Levi Strauss, Manuva, Matinique / InWear, Mitlödi / Gessner, Mokummania, Moschino, Nanso, Nokia, Oilily, Osh Kosh, Roberto Cavalli, Schiesser, Speedo, Tom Taylor, Thomas Pink, Tommy Hilfiger, Vero Moda / Jack and Jones

What does Alex Russell Creative Services create?
The studio creates original designs, prints, surface patterns, graphics, artwork and illustrations. I have a regularly updated portfolio carried by the Amsterstampa agency and also do some work to commission / order - for full details, go to the Fashion, Furnishing / Interiors, Trends / Inspiration pages.

How do I order or commission work?
The simple answer is to get in touch and tell me what you want. If you need to discuss your requirements or bounce some ideas about first, I’m happy to help. Work can be supplied to anywhere on the planet. For more detailed information, go to the How to order work page. Please note that due to lecturing commitments the best day to contact me is (any) Friday.

How do you supply work?
How ever you would like it. Typically, if designs are digital, on CD with a high quality paper print or via e-mail / file transfer. If the work is made with traditional media (painted or hand drawn, for example), you get the original artwork.

Do I get the copyright for original designs?
Standard industry protocol applies here. If you buy a textile design, you generally get the copyright in perpetuity. With some illustration work (depending on the end-use and subject matter), you get the license for a time period or use agreed upon in advance.

Are you prepared to sign non-disclosure agreements?
Absolutely. I take issues of professional confidentiality very seriously and am happy to sign any such agreement. Although these are normally supplied by my clients, I do have a general agreement I can supply. Even if you do not ask me to sign such an agreement, any work I do for you will remain confidential and unique.

What markets and end-uses can you design for?
The short answer is any. The longer answer…

Fashion: all market levels from supermarket and high street to designer and couture. All end-uses including men, women, kids, sport / swim, underwear and accessories, plus fabric, trends / prediction, inspiration and design direction for any role including design, product management, merchandising and concept development.

Furnishing / Interiors: all market levels, but especially high-end, contract and bespoke. All end-uses including fabric, wallpaper, soft furnishings, floorcoverings / carpets, home fashion, lifestyle products and interior decoration, plus trends / prediction, inspiration and design direction for any role including design, product management, merchandising and concept development. (cont./)

Trends / Inspiration: original ideas and concepts for either fashion or furnishing / interiors, including print, pattern, graphics and design direction ideas, themes and concepts. Also colour cards / palettes, inspiration boards and presentations, plus illustrations and visualisations, silhouettes, fashion drawings, editorial.

What style does the studio work in?
Alex Russell Creative Services can produce work in almost any style, look or theme, whether you have a highly focussed and specific brief or would like to work with ideas or concepts that I have created for you. The work shown on this site is the tip of a very large iceberg, so if you don’t see the style you want, please get in touch. In addition, the studio is creating new collections of work in a wide variety of styles for the portfolios all the time.

How much will it cost?
This will depend on a number of factors such as end-use and the scale of the designs. Once you have told me want you require, I will quickly give you an accurate quote for the work. Discounts are often available on large orders.

Can you handle really big orders? Is any job too small?
If you want (say) an entire collection created, put into colourways, illustrated and shown on range diagrams / technical specification sheets, Alex Russell Creative Services offers an integrated and highly professional service. If you would like a bit of help putting a design into repeat, for example, or need a single colourway, you’ll get the same high standards of service even if the job only takes 15 minutes.

What are your payment terms and conditions?
In general, I invoice on delivery of final designs or artwork, and payment is due within 30 days. Full arrangements will be discussed before you place an order.

Can you supply designs printed on fabric? What about other products?
As part of the Bespoke Furnishing / Interiors service, exclusive designs can be supplied digitally printed on fabric or wallpaper. Although the remainder of the business focuses on supplying the designs, surface patterns, artworks or illustrations, I’m always willing to discuss end-use and product ideas.

Do you accept private commissions?
Yes. Although the bulk of my work is with business or trade clients, I gladly accept private work.

Are you represented by an agent?
I have a (very large) portfolio of designs for (mainly) fashion and (some) home / interiors carried by the Amsterstampa agency, which is shown at Indigo and direct to clients worldwide. This is non-exclusive representation; I also work with the same agency on the Mokummania trend book.

Do you only work freelance?
Currently yes, but I am always happy to build long term relationships with clients.

Do you have a portfolio of designs I can buy from?
In fact I have two. One I hold myself - all the work on this site is from it, and a wide range of other designs are also available (please ask if you would like to see more). The other folio is held by the Amsterstampa agency, which non-exclusively represents me.

When can I contact you?
Due my lecturing work, the best time is between 09:00 to 17:30 (UK / London time) on a Friday. However, thanks to the wonders of e-mail and the internet, you can contact me at any time and I’ll try to respond as quickly as I can. Please only use the address on the Contact page for correspondance.

What’s the history of Alex Russell Creative Services?
I started trading as a freelance designer in 2002 in Brussels, Belgium and moved the business to Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 2004. The studio was based in Leicester, UK from June 2006 to August 2009, at which point it transferred to Manchester.

Can I see your CV?
Yes, you can download a full CV and résumé (as a PDF).

I’m a student / thinking of setting up as a freelance designer. Can I ask you some questions?
Please download and read this (long) questionnaire / FAQ list first.

Do you have any placement / internship or employment opportunities available?
Sorry, not at the moment. If this changes, I will post details on the Home page in the News section.

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